Social Entrepreneurship and Social Change Projects

Multiracial Hands Making a Circle

  • Eno River UU Fellowship, Justice Ministry, Member volunteer, present
  • Eno River UU Fellowship, Earth Justice Action Group, Member volunteer, present
  • Metamorphosis Coaching+Consulting,  Founder & Principal, present
  • Executive Service Corps (ESC), Pro Bono Consultant, present
  • The Integrative Medicine and Wellness Network of the Triangle Meetup, Co-organizer, present
  • Hudson Climate Action Network, 2007-2009, Founder & Facilitator
  • Interfaith Walk for Climate Action, 2007, Lead Coordinator
  • Choices Wellness Community Center, 2000-2007, Co-founder and Executive Director
  • Choices Integrative and Preventative Family Practice, 2003-2006, Co-founder and Practice Manager
  • Green Sanctuary Certification First Parish Church, UU, Northboro, 2005-2008, Co-Chair
  • Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Planet Festival, 2003, Lead Coordinator